UFD High Speed - Auto Adhesive Applicator

Some companies say that they innovate, but only ITW Dynatec has the patents to prove it. (5,902,540 - 5,882,573 - 5,904,298)


With ITW Dynatec's patented Omega™ and Random Fiber patterns, the UFD -HS™ applications heads provide up to 70% adhesive savings by using less glue while maintaining if not improving bond strength.


  • Ideal for high-speed intermittent applications
  • On times down to 3.5 milliseconds
  • Cycle speeds up to 6,000 per minute
  • Precision control of adhesive coating
  • Rapid changeover of components
  • Low SCFM requirements from .05 per 25mm width
  • Single screw solenoid mounting - Patent Pending
  • Features long-life HS Series reverse acting module with direct or solenoid interface
  • Simplified and quick-change solenoid, module or nozzle
  • Solenoid can be rotated for left, right hand or center position (This feature is only available for the 1 & 2 port configurations)

The Dynatec Difference

Patented Technology
Many companies say that they are innovators by providing techniques for laying down fiberized adhesive (spiral swirl and random fiber), but only ITW Dynatec has the patents to prove it (5,902,540 - 5,882,573 - 5,904,298).
ITW Dynatec invented Laminated Plate Technology, which is used in all ITW Dynatec UFD nozzles and is the most effective way to lay down fiberized adhesive. The unique and patented configuration of the laser cut, stainless steel-laminated plates is the only configuration on the market that allows the production of the Omega™ adhesive pattern and the production of the most effective Random Fiber pattern available.

This new product spawned many imitators, but none have been able to match the performance provided by ITW Dynatec's Laminated Plate Technology. When you use UFD Fiberized Spray applicators from ITW Dynatec, you can be certain that you are using the best product on the market.


Adhesive Patterns


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