I-Flow - Flow meter

  • Real-time dispensing monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Traceability
  • Constant quality, easy troubleshooting
  • Control of the distribution of the required quantity on the surface
  • Easy calibration
  • Lower upper tolerance setting.
  • Continuous logging of data

I-Flow provides a solution for checking the quantity and distribution of the output. Our partners often have problems controlling the quantity dispensed.

Several factors can influence the problem of incorrect quantity:

  • Changes in the quality of the adhesive (which is not perceived by the customer, as it cannot be determined visually)
  • Wear and tear due to the use of the equipment (e.g.: loss of volume due to wear of the gear pump)
  • Leakage in the system
  • Burnt, worn nozzles

I-Flow is used to eliminate the problems described above, as it not only monitors and displays the volume discharged, but also the distribution of material on the surface. 
The I-Flow is designed exclusively for Dynatec glue dispensers. I-Flow cannot be used on its own, it must always be integrated into a system!

It is mounted between the conventional gear pump gluing unit and the dispensing head. The I-Flow determines the dispensed quantity from the amount of hot melt flowing through it. To operate this, a PLC is required, on which the desired quantity can be calibrated and set. With the calibration, the speed of the gear pump can be varied and synchronised with the current speed of the conveyor, so that the I-Flow can always maintain the exact g/m2 set on the PLC.

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