BF MicroBead™ - Auto Adhesive Applicator

The BF MicroBead™ applicator is available with single-port or dual-port pivoting modules, providing flexibility for set-up and reduction of the number of applicators required. It’s smaller, more compact design simplifies installation and maintenance while rapid cycle speeds make it an ideal choice for high-speed applications. Its air open/air close design provides accurate and uniform adhesive patterns and bead placement while the built-in filter helps maintain a clean nozzle orifice.



  • Integrated needle and self-cleaning nozzle virtually eliminate adhesive stringing. (Micro Optima module)
  • Dual-port pivoting modules simplify set-up by providing simple adjustment of bead placement.
  • Adjustable needle stroke sets adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. (Micro Adjustable module)
  • On/Off cycle speeds of 3.5 milliseconds is ideal for high-speed applications.
  • Cover increases safety and promotes energy efficiency.
  • Industry exclusive built-in filter captures debris and minimizes nozzle clogging.


  • Compact size provides for easy installation into packaging machinery.
  • Insulated thermoplastic cover increases safety by reducing operator exposure to hot surfaces.
  • Enhanced built-in filter captures debris and reduces downtime due to clogged nozzles.

The Dynatec Difference

The BF MicroBead applicator module is designed to operate as an air open/air close system that does not rely on a spring to close the orifice during operation. The result is both cleaner cutoffs and superior operation over a longer operating lifespan. While this feature may be optional on competitive modules, only

ITW Dynatec offers this feature standard on the BF MicroBead adhesive applicator.

Construction material

Anodized aluminium/stainless steel

Operating temperature

38° C - 218° C (100° F - 425° F)

Max on/off cycle speed (single port)

3,5 ms

Max on/off speed (dual port)

4,0 ms

Max on/off cycle (independent dual port)

3,5 ms

Max adhesive pressure

68 bar (1000 psi)

Air pressure range

4,8 - 9,5 bar (70-140 psi)

Adhesive viscosity

100 - 5,000 cps

Filter mesh options

100, 150, 200 mesh




BF MicroBead (Single Port)

BF MicroBead (Dual Port Pivot)

Height (H)

129 mm (5.08 in)

129 mm (5.08 in)

Depth (D)

109 mm (4.27 in)

 110 mm (4.3 in)

Width (W)

26 mm (1.02 in)

44 mm (1.73 in)


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+36 28 920 918

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