Gluing/laminating robot cell

  • Fast cycle time
  • The right amount of glue and surface pressure
  • Quality control
  • Easy type changeover

New products can be easily configured by the customer without changing the robot program

The vacuum panel was glued by hand and with double-sided glue. The need to improve the technology became necessary because the required surface pressure could not be guaranteed with manual gluing. The double-sided adhesive was replaced due to cycle time, cost of the adhesive and high waste.

When designing the cell, we kept in mind that there are many types and many new ones are expected in the future, so we had to design a freely configurable automatic solution. So we came to the decision that the positioning could be done simply by entering the desired coordinates on the PLC. The operator only needs to enter the X, Y coordinates of the panel when creating a new recipe and the length of the panel.

The robot sprays the desired area with glue and then marks the position of the top corner of the panel with a cross laser. The operator then places the panel in the correct position, presses the start button and the robot performs the lamination.

The system is prepared to upload the gluing/laminating parameters to the customer's system by reading the panel using a code reader.

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+36 28 920 918

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