DY2002 controller

The DY2002 Pattern Control Unit is one component of an adhesive application system consisting of a hot-melt unit, cold glue pressure vessel or cold glue pump, adhesive hoses and applicator heads. The Control Unit can be used in hot melt and/or cold glue applications.

The DY2002 activates two solenoids in order to create independent adhesive patterns.


It is possible to program up to 4 glue patterns (4 delays + 4 glues) per channel. Each channel may operate in one of six different distance-based modes or a driver mode. Alternatively, the unit may be programmed as a timer for constant-speed applications where the inclusion of an encoder is not required. Drive outputs may be activated by either one of two available trigger inputs or by exceeding a programmed machine speed. It is possible to “over-excite” output channels in order to accelerate the activation of applicator valves. This over-excitation can be applied independently to each available output channel.

The speed of the parent machine is monitored, in distance-based modes, via an encoder input and indicated on the Control Unit display. A run-up output connected to the gear pump of a hot melt unit; or an I/P or U/P transducer in cold glue or hot melt piston pump systems, can be used to track changes in glue output volume with changes in parent machine speed. The pressure versus speed ramp is programmed on a linear basis (i.e. two-point curve).

The DY2002 can alternatively be used as a Timer with no need for encoder speed inputs for installations where machine speed does not vary or as a Driver in installations where some other control equipment, such as a PLC or PLS, is used to control glue output patterns. It is still possible to control glue volume output from the unit in these modes, however this control must be done manually.

A Machine Contact is available to enable or disable the Control Unit drive outputs via a contact closure provided from the parent machine. The feature offers the capability to override the normal functioning of the Control Unit to prevent unwanted activation of glue applicators during parent equipment setup (make-ready) and maintenance procedures. The contact circuit is programmable for either “normally-open” or “normally-closed” operation.

Two relay outputs are provided to allow the reporting of conditions, such as Control Unit faults/zero speed and stop statuses. These outputs may be configured to operate under either normally open or normally closed conditions.


  • 2 Channels
  • 4 Patterns per Channel
  • Memory for 12 Programs
  • Distance-Based, Time-Based and Driver Modes
  • Trigger Inputs for Each Channel
  • Programmable Pressure Run-Up
  • Easy-to-Navigate Menu Structure
  • Integrated Palletization Mode
  • Built-In Production Counters
  • Machine Speeds to 600m/min(2000fpm) @ 0.5mm (.02”)
  • Scalable Machine Speed Input
  • 55VDC or 170VDC Over-Excitation
Operating temperature

0°C - 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Nr of channels


Nr of programs


Nr of events per program


Output Voltage


Output wattage

20 Watt on each channel

Nr triggers


Trigger input signals

NPN/PNP or contact closure

Max. adjustable range

0 - 800 mm (80 in) in 1 mm steps (.01 in. steps)

Input power

20, 200 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, L1/N/PE / 120 Watt




Height (H)

30 cm (12 in)

Depth (D)

15 cm (6 in)

Width (W)

26 cm (10 in)


Technical Support

+36 28 920 918

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+36 28 920 918

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